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White tea, Pai Mu Tan special / Chá branco, Pai Mu Tan especial, 100g

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Latin: White Tea China Special Pai Mu Tan. Organic
White tea, which for centuries was reserved only for the emperor of China, is a wonderful tea.
Mild, fragrant, slightly tart, slightly smoky in taste. It is only produced in small quantities and is extremely rare and sought after.
Usually the tea leaves, picked by hand in spring, early in the morning, are laid out on shaded bamboo, dried as much as possible, and remain practically natural. Due to the careful processing and the special incidence of light when harvesting in the morning, the leaves retain all of their important ingredients, especially the antioxidants, including oxidation inhibitors.

  • Herkunft
    China, controlled quality.
  • Mindest haltbar bis
  • Allergene
    None included
  • Verpackung
    Transport packaging:
    Paper block bags. 2 ply for strength,
    Fat and aroma protection.
    2 layers: paper on the outside, cellophane on the inside.
  • Tipp
    Preparation: The tea leaves should lie loosely in the tea strainer and have room to unfold.
    Only brew (70° - 80° C), otherwise the important ingredients (the tea is very rich in vitamins) will be lost. The tea is very economical, 5 g is enough for half a liter of water. Traditionally it is brewed 2-3 times. Depending on your taste, let it steep for 1-4 minutes.
  • Allgemine Hinweise
    This product is neither a medicinal product within the meaning of Section 2 of the Medicines Act nor a medical device within the meaning of Section 3 of the Medical Devices Act.
    Please note: (Labeling requirement according to NemV).
    Its use is not intended to eliminate or alleviate any disease, illness or medical condition. The information provided here comes from naturopathy, is based on the tradition of folk medicine or many years of experience. Under no circumstances should this information replace advice from a doctor. Herbs, tinctures and dietary supplements can also have unwanted effects and side effects. Only a doctor or alternative practitioner has the knowledge and experience to be able to recommend the right herbs and the right dosage. Dietary supplements are not intended to replace a balanced and varied diet. The recommended consumption amount should not be exceeded.
    Depending on the country of delivery, different laws apply. Please inform yourself about the laws and regulations in your country before ordering.
    Instructions for use: only if not otherwise prescribed by the doctor or alternative practitioner.
    We assume no guarantee and no liability for effectiveness, damage caused by interactions, misuse or improper use.

White tea, Pai Mu Tan special / Chá branco, Pai Mu Tan especial, 100g

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