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The coffee enjoyment of the south
In Portugal, a "bica" is an espresso. (Spelled "Expresso" in Portuguese.)

The coffee beans here are stronger, darker and, crucially, slowly roasted (at around 194°C, around 20 minutes).
This causes the coffee bean to lose more acid. The ingredients can form a more diverse aroma and the coffee therefore has a very aromatic taste.
By roasting slowly, the beans have a lower oil content, which means the coffee is more aromatic and lasts longer.
An “aroma sealing process” was developed for the packaging. Therefore the pack feels soft, unlike the vacuum process.
Coffee from Portugal, whether bica, espresso or cup, a taste experience, inexpensive and good.

Traditionally, for a "bica", 7 g of coffee, very finely ground, are filled in the espresso machine with very hot water (88°C - 96°C) under high pressure (9 bar with a 25 second throughput time). The typical “bica cup” has a capacity of 40 ml. The cup is always preheated.
The normal "bica" has a capacity of 25 ml, the "bica cheio" has 35 ml. A good espresso has a dense, hazelnut-brown layer of foam that transmits the typical aroma.
Other variations in preparation:
- Cafe Pingado - an espresso and a drop of milk.
- Galao - glass filled with hot milk, then 25 ml of expresso coffee is added.
- Meia de leite - a cup mixed with hot milk and espresso (latte).
- Cafe romao - an espresso & 1 small slice of lemon, is said to quickly help with headaches (caffeine + vitamin C).