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Salt, natural sea salt Algarve

Sea salt from the RIA FORMOSA nature reserve in the Algarve, Portugal.

Here in the Algarve, excellent salt is painstakingly extracted by hand from the sea through the evaporation of the water.
It is not washed, nor artificially dried and neither anti-caking agents nor brighteners are added. The salt is completely natural, rich in natural magnesium, calcium, minerals and many trace elements. It is free of heavy metals, pesticides, nitrites and nitrates.
Constant laboratory controls guarantee its authenticity.
We offer you two qualities:

Flor de Sal
Flor de Sal is the salt with the original, real salt taste. The natural salt crystals can only be harvested when there is no wind.
They form and are then only available for harvest for 6-10 hours. The size of the crystals varies greatly. Depending on the humidity during harvest and without anti-caking agents to make the salt dry, it is always slightly moist.
The taste is harmonious, not overpowering. The salt crystals can be easily rubbed between your fingers and literally melt on your tongue.

Sal traditional
Natural, white sea salt that is harvested by hand.
Every 10-14 days it is piled up with wooden rakes at the edge of the salt marshes to dry in the sun. This means that the minerals and trace elements remain unadulterated. The slowly grown salt crystals still have a typical residual moisture. This naturally white sea salt is a natural and flavorful seasoning.