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Frankincense peas (Olibanum) / Grãos de incenso (Olibanum), 100g

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The traditional incense resin from the African frankincense tree (Boswellia carteri) in Ethiopia. Obtained by cutting the bark. Dried and granulated.

Frankincense was already used in everyday life in wealthy circles in ancient Egypt as an aromatic, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory incense and medicine. The ancient Egyptians called the resin beads of incense the “sweat of the gods”.
In ancient times, frankincense was a highly valued and sought-after commodity and was traded to almost all areas of the ancient world because it played a role in most religions and cultures of the time. The frankincense bush or tree is one of the most valuable plants in the Bible. There are references in the Old and New Testaments.

In India, frankincense is used to open the heart chakra.

This resin can be smoked well on quick-ignition charcoal.

  • Herkunft
  • Verpackung
    Transport packaging:
    Paper block bags. 2 ply for strength,
    Fat and aroma protection.
    2 layers: paper on the outside, cellophane on the inside.
  • Allgemine Hinweise
    Smoked products, not food. Keep it safe for children.

Frankincense peas (Olibanum) / Grãos de incenso (Olibanum), 100g

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