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Dried tamarind / Tamarindo seco, unidade

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Packaging: approx. 450g

The tamarind, also known as the sour date, (has nothing in common with a date). It is a typical fruit from Southeast Asia. Not only was it used there long before the birth of Christ, but it also came to Europe because of its great taste. Tamarind is now used in many Southeast Asian and Indian dishes, as well as in Mediterranean cuisine, as its fruity-sour aroma goes very well with dishes as a side dish or as a spice.
The taste can be described as sweet-sour, but as is often the case with natural products, it varies from pod to pod. The dried shells of the fruit have a light to gray-brown color and are easy to open like peanuts. The edible pulp is contained in elongated, narrow pods filled with seeds, similar to beans. The pulp is also often eaten raw.

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🧊 Storage:
Cool, dry and dark.
🍴 Average nutritional values ​​per 100g

Energy (in kJ): 999.9

Energy (in kcal): 239

Fat: 0.6g

-Of which saturated fatty acids: 0.3 g

Carbohydrates: 63g

-of which sugar: 57 g

Fiber: 5g

Protein: 2.8g

Salt: 0g

📦 Packaging:

Cardboard box.
A pack is delivered with approx. 450g (weight when packaged) of tamarinds in different sizes.

💡 Tip

The seeds, or kernels, are also edible. In Asian cuisine, these are often roasted or processed into powder. Even the tamarind bark can be eaten raw in small quantities (soak it in water for 15-20 minutes beforehand), but it has a laxative effect and is mainly processed further.

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