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Citrus fruit juicer / Espremedor

SKU: 89001
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Robust, easy-to-clean juicer. Very practical for juicing citrus fruits,
such as oranges, lemons, limes, clementines, grapefruits and tangerines.
The drip tray collects the juice from about 3 medium-sized oranges. The juicer consists of 2 parts that can be easily separated for cleaning and put back together again.
Dimensions; Diameter: 13cm; Height: 9cm.

🌍 Origin

This product is made in Portugal from very high quality plastic.

🚚 Delivery

Delivery from March 13th, 2024 +/- 1-2 working days for Germany.

Delivery on the delivery date shown for neighboring EU countries in the delivery; usually + 1- 6 working days.

💡 Tip

1 juicer (if there are fruits shown in the photo, they are not included).