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Pink-red pepper, whole Schinus berries / Pimenta rose inteira, 100g

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Latin: Schinus terebinth. Fruct. Organic dead.
Botanical: Schinus terebinthifolius
The fruits of this tree are used as a spice under the names “pink pepper”, “rosé pepper” or “pink berries”. However, they are not real peppers but rather berries.
The pink berries are mildly aromatic, with a slightly peppery taste. They are suitable as a beautiful decoration and give sweet dishes that “certain something”.
Also suitable for meat dishes, salads, soups, and for flavoring vinegar and olive oil.
🌍 Origin

Brazil, controlled quality.

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🚚 Delivery

Delivery from March 13th, 2024 +/- 1-2 working days for Germany.

Delivery on the delivery date shown for neighboring EU countries in the delivery; usually + 1- 6 working days.

🧊 Storage:
Cool, dry and dark.
📦 Packaging:

Transport packaging:
Paper block bags. 2 ply for strength,
Fat and aroma protection.
2 layers: paper on the outside, cellophane on the inside.

ℹ️ General information

We confirm that the natural products we supply comply with the new European regulations for the approval, labeling and traceability of genetically modified food and feed according to VO EC No. 1829/2003 and EC No. 1830/2003 as well as Directive 2001/18/EC are not subject to labeling.

Spices and herbs are not medicines. In the case of acute illnesses, please discuss additional intake of herbs, especially if they interact with medications, with your doctor or alternative practitioner.