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Olive paste made from green olives / Pasta de azeitonas verdes, 100g

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This spicy olive paté was made from the finest, naturally ripened green olives. It is recommended both as a spread for fresh or toasted white bread and to refine numerous dishes.

For parties, as a dip, on a cracker or with a slice of cheese.
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Delivery from March 13th, 2024 +/- 1-2 working days for Germany.

Delivery on the delivery date shown for neighboring EU countries in the delivery; usually + 1- 6 working days.

🧊 Storage:
Cool, dry and dark.
🍴 Average nutritional values ​​per 100g

Energy (in kJ): 553

Energy (in kcal): 134

Fat: 14g

-Of which saturated fatty acids: 2.7 g

Carbohydrates: 0g

-of which sugar: 0 g

Protein: 1.2 g

Salt: 2.8g

🍲 Ingredients:

Green olives, extra virgin olive oil, salt.

📦 Packaging:

Jar with screw cap.

💡 Tip

After opening the product in the refrigerator, cool
Store and use within 7 days.