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Organic olive oil, Reserva da Familia / Olival da Risca / Azeite reserva da família, organic, virgin extra, 500ml

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The best gourmet olive oil, Reserva da Familia, Virgin Extra, BIO, DEMETER.
The highest rated and most awarded olive oil. Made from olives that are harvested at optimal ripeness and come from selected olive groves. This cuvée is a composition of traditional Portuguese olive varieties.
In a high-quality and beautiful gift box.

The olive oils from Olival da Risca are exclusively “extra virgin” – each is a first-class organic olive oil of Demeter quality. As untreated natural products of the highest quality, these olive oils are obtained with the greatest care from optimally ripe olives. Immediately after harvest, the olives are first ground in the farm's own oil mill and then subjected to gentle cold extraction. This process preserves all the valuable ingredients of the olives, resulting in excellent olive oils with an intense green to golden yellow color, fruity taste and characteristic aroma.

Acid content max. 0.14%

Production: mechanically cold pressed.

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Cool, dry and dark.
📦 Packaging:

Glass, light protection bottle in a gift box.

💡 Tip

Olival da Risca - the team consists of the Swiss families Bernhard and Zehnder, and seven employees. They are continuously working to implement the “Organic Olive Oil!” strategy, which has existed for over a decade. – “as gently as possible” to ensure success. The team works together in all areas of work, namely agriculture, the oil mill and the office. The family also includes: Susanne Mäder-Zehnder, who established species-appropriate cattle farming on the farm in 2002, and her husband Ralph Mäder, co-owner of Risca Grande Lda. and her two sons.
Andreas Bernhard writes an unparalleled success story in “oil”.
These years of effort were recognized in May 2006 with the first gold medal, Premio BIOL in Bari, Italy. Since then, the olive oil has always been among the “award-winning” in international taste tests. This olive oil is one of the best in the world.
2010 Premio Biol silver medal,
2010 Olive Oil Prize Biofach “Top Ten”,
2011 Flos Olei by Marco Oreggia "Best extra virgin olive oil", gourmet "Top 50 worldwide".
2013: Winner oil at the BioHotels “Best of Bio” award.
2014: 95 out of 100 points in the olive oil guide Flos Olei 2015: The best blend of virgin olive oil. in Flos Olei.
2016: 96 out of 100 points in the Flos Olei olive guide.
2017: 96 out of 100 points in the Flos Olei olive guide.
4x gold medals in Olive Japan.
2x Top 10 in the BioFach Olive Oil Prize.
2018: 97 out of 100 points in the Flos-Olei olive guide.

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