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Pumpkin Red Küri Seeds / Sementes de abóbora red kuri, organic, unidade

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Broad-round, orange, climbing Hokkaido pumpkin with yellow flesh.
Fine nutty taste.
With edible peel.
Very profitable.

Sowing outdoors: May
Pre-cultivation: end of April to mid-May
Planting outdoors: mid-May to mid-June
Harvest: August to October
Optimal germination temperature: over 20 °C
Fruit weight: 1.2-1.5 kg

By buying these seeds and using them in your garden or balcony, you are choosing the best seed quality: organic (BIO) and biodynamic (Demeter).
The varieties of the best local and traditional seeds are brought back.
Respect for people and the planet through high quality seeds and free pollination.

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    Why organic seeds?

    -Open-pollinated organic seeds are best suited for organic farming;

    -Organic seeds are developed with taste and nutritional value in mind;

    -Organic seeds are tolerant to pests and diseases due to their resistance and vigor and require less water;

    -You can compete better with weeds;

    -Organic seeds make it possible to recover traditional genetic material, improve its characteristics and stabilize the varieties so that they can be marketed;
    Organic farming has nutrients in the soil that are kept alive and healthy by avoiding chemical products;

    -Organic seeds result in better tasting organic crops that are healthy from start to finish.

Pumpkin Red Küri Seeds / Sementes de abóbora red kuri, organic, unidade

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