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Honey liqueur / Dom Cristina / Licor de mel, 700ml

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An Algarve specialty.
A traditional and ancient blend of honey and medronho (strawberry tree brandy) flavored with mountain plants.
This liqueur is very popular among the inhabitants of the mountains of the Algarve, especially in Monchique, because of its excellent taste.
A Portuguese brandy-based, honey-flavored liqueur from the Algarve flavored with local herbs. The brandy used is made from Medronho and honey.

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🧊 Storage:
Cool, dry and dark.
🍲 Ingredients:

Sugar, water, alcohol, honey, brandy, natural plant extracts and caramel coloring (E-150d).

🍷 Alcohol content:

27 VOL%

📦 Packaging:

Glass bottle.

💡 Tip

The Cristina family has been producing Portugal's most famous honey liqueur for 60 years. Made according to the original recipe of grandfather Oliveiros Cristina, with the dedication with which father David Cristina won countless awards and with the same motivation with which son David Cristina continues to make it.
The only difference is that the liqueur has changed its name. He lost his name because grandfather Oliveiros Cristina died 30 years ago before he could renew the registration. And when David Cristina's father tried this, it was no longer available. But even though she has lost her name on the outside, she has remained the same on the inside. Fortunately, the taste of this family secret is inimitable.
This part of the history of the Algarve and the experience of Cristina's family's liqueur masters continues to be preserved, and in good hands. A new name that will forever be synonymous with honey liqueur, tradition and the Algarve - Licor Dom Cristina.