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Narrow bottle with wooden ball, Verona / Garrafa estreita com bola de madeira, 200ml

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The 'Verona' impresses with its extraordinary appearance.

The bottle is slim, tall and has a square body shape that flows into a long, narrow neck with a cork mouth. This makes it look very elegant, high quality and slightly nostalgic.
Special liquids such as fine spirits, syrup, but also fine oil and vinegar come into their own in this elegant cork bottle with a heavy base.
Height: 25.9 cm (excluding cork)
Diameter: 3.8cm
Muzzle diameter: 1.8 cm

This practical PE stopper has a simple wooden ball as a handle, making it easy to open and close spirits, syrup and liqueur bottles. It fits all bottles with an opening diameter of 18 -19 mm.
The stopper looks like a classic cork, but is made of plastic and seals the bottle airtight. It is tasteless and odorless and can also be used very well for vinegar and oil bottles. The wooden ball has a diameter of 32 mm, is handy and decorative and gives every bottle a high-quality look.

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