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Fish specialties

Freshly caught, original Portuguese ATLANTIC FISH,
turns enjoyment into an experience.

Portuguese Atlantic fish is known for its freshness, variety and quality. Portugal has a unique geographical location with a long coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. This geographical position has made Portugal a country with a rich fishing tradition.

The special thing about Portuguese Atlantic fish lies in the way it is caught. Portugal has extremely strict fishing regulations and controls to ensure the sustainability of fish stocks. The fishermen use traditional methods such as nets, lines or fishing rods to catch the fish. This allows for selective fishing where non-targeted species can be released back into the sea to protect their stocks.

The excellent quality of Atlantic fishing off Portugal is largely due to environmental conditions. The Atlantic Ocean along the Portuguese coast is characterized by its abundant nutrient reserves, which not only promote the healthy growth of fish, but also contribute significantly to improving their exquisite taste.


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