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Tea, tea blends, fruit and herbal teas
a selection of controlled natural goods for every taste and need.
Highly recommended:
Tea and herbs Ervas da Zoé®
The future is green, sustainable and organic!
Ervas da Zoé® is a company based in the village of Ladoeiro, in the Idanha-a-Nova region (Tejo Internacional),
which grows aromatic medicinal and aromatic herbs in organic farming.
Ervas da Zoé® teas come in the most delicious flavors!
The company was founded in 2009 by Maria do Rosário and Henrique Martins Manso and today plants more than 30 types of herbs on a 1.9 hectare plot, and an experimental planting contains a further 20 species.
Respect for the environment and the production of sustainable products are the principles of Ervas da Zoé®!

The plantation is located in the center of Portugal, in Idanha-a-Nova, near the Naturtejo da Meseta Meridional Geopark and the International Tejo Natural Park.
This great geographical location has unique, excellent, ecological and natural climatic conditions with the ideal microclimate that natural herbs and teas love.
The plants are carefully and rigorously selected at all stages, from sowing to packaging.

Ervas da Zoé® has conquered its own market here in Portugal with its top quality.
Thanks to very high quality products that are produced with heart, passion, dedication and authenticity.

The essence of Ervas da Zoé® trade lies in a carefully manufactured product.
100% Portuguese, with high quality standards that result from social and environmental concern, bringing people the quality and power that nature creates.

From Ervas da Zoé® we offer you items in tea bags, other loose herbs and spices.
Only first quality is used in the tea bags.


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