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Shipping conditions - delivery dates

Shipping and delivery conditions

Orange Farm / QUINTA-SHOPPING is the online shop of the Bird Estate - Quinta dos Passaros.
From the orange farm in Portugal to your home as quickly as possible. With German thoroughness and the latest technology, we have been growing the best natural fruits for you on our own Vogel estate since 1993. You can taste the difference.

You order directly from Portugal. The prices stated in the offers include the consumption tax/VAT of the delivery country you specified. (Usually this is your place of residence/country). The shipping costs incurred are not included in the sales price. Depending on the desired delivery country, the shipping costs are displayed separately in the shopping cart and are described under: Shipping cost shares.
Published offer prices are valid as shown in the shop for the item at the moment of ordering.

Minimum order value
We process and ship orders / orders for goods with a minimum order value of €30.00.


In the shop, the next delivery date is always displayed on the home page - at the top. Your order will be delivered on this date, provided payment has been received on time.

The next delivery dates are:

03/13/2024, 03/20/2024, 03/27/2024 (Easter delivery)

April 10, 2024, April 17, 2024,
May 1, 2024, May 8, 2024, May 22, 2024
June 5, 2024, June 19, 2024
July 3, 2024, July 17, 2024, July 31, 2024

Delivery week:
Delivery on the delivery date shown for Germany. (On this date the packages are being delivered by DHL and then usually take + - 1-2 days).

Delivery date for neighboring EU countries:
delivery depends on the distance and the transport service provider in the respective destination country. Delivery usually takes between + 1-6 days.

The delivery date specified when ordering is intended as an overview and as a guide, but is not a fixed delivery date or a delivery promise on this date.

Orders with the payment method “advance payment” can only be processed on the stated delivery date if payment has been received into our CaixaAgricola account by Thursday 3:00 p.m. of the order week, otherwise we can only send the goods on the next delivery date.

After processing your order you will automatically receive for your package:

- automates a link for the DHL tracking number.

All information relating to the delivery of your package can be found there for your information.

Shipping conditions

As always something special, our shipping system:
Shipping system:
Since our fresh fruits are delivered without preservatives and should reach you as fresh as possible, we have created a complex shipping system.
The orders are collected,
prepared the invoices and shipping boxes.
Only shortly before the truck leaves is it harvested and packed.
After the temperature-controlled truck transport from Portugal to Germany, your package will be handed over to the shipping service provider DHL Germany.
The package will be delivered under DHL's terms and conditions, which you can view and print out here: DHL General Terms and Conditions .
In order to be able to deliver to DHL in Germany, we need a German postal address, this is in Böblingen, from our friends: the Eisenmann family, and has nothing to do with shipping fruit.

Delivery address:
You have the option of entering any delivery address in the shopping cart/ordering process.
Please use an address that ensures that someone can receive the package and that the recipient is informed about it.
Please check that your delivery address is entered correctly, is not incorrect and that the delivery location is marked with the recipient's name (name on the doorbell tag).
We assume no liability for damages caused by an incorrect delivery address, missing name of the recipient at the delivery location or refusal to accept or not collecting the package and reject any claim for compensation.

1. Deliveries to packing stations are not possible. DHL's general terms and conditions prohibit deliveries of fresh food to packing stations.

2. Special agreements, such as delivery to a post office or parcel shop, garage agreement, delivery to the neighbor, etc., can only be agreed directly with DHL on site or via the DHL page on the Internet: Receive DHL parcels .

3. You will be charged for package returns as follows:
- Return: €16.98 per package, including costs for disposal of fresh fruits and vegetables.
- New shipping within Germany: €15.00 if the package is still in the responsible post office.

4. Shipping conditions and disclaimer for packages containing fresh fruits or vegetables:
Fresh fruits and vegetables are harvested on your behalf; a right of withdrawal is expressly excluded.
There is no return route for these packages.
We assume no liability for damages caused by strike measures and/or official orders (force majeure).
We assume no liability for damage caused by weather conditions in the delivery country.

Shipping costs:
The prices for our packaging, recycling costs and temperature-controlled truck transport from Portugal to Germany are included in the purchase price.

We charge you the following shipping costs including VAT per package up to 23kg volume weight.
The required volumetric weight is displayed in the item description for every item in the shop.

1.Shipping to Germany with truck/DHL. €8.95 per package, including toll surcharge, energy surcharge **

2. Shipping to Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands per package €15.95 **

3.Shipping to Bulgaria, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Rep., France, European mainland, Croatia per package €20.95 **

- We do not have shipping in Portugal and the following islands of the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Madeira, Azores, Cape Verde, French Overseas Territories.
- Deliveries to other countries not listed here, such as Switzerland and England, are unfortunately not possible.

** including VAT

Shipping packaging
We use particularly stable boxes that are specially made for us and are optimized for truck transport.

Depending on the order volume weight displayed in the shopping cart, the boxes have the following dimensions:
up to 8 kg H 20 x W 30 x L 40 cm
up to 14 kg H 19 x W 40 x L 60 cm
up to 18 kg H 25 x W 40 x L 60 cm
up to 23 kg H 30 x W 40 x L 60 cm

If you have any questions, you can find our contact details in the legal notice .