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We, the company Sementes Vivas (Live Seeds), are a 100% organic and biodynamic seed company founded in July 2015 with our headquarters in Idanha-a-Nova, Central Portugal.
We produce, process and market high-quality organic and biodynamic seeds for vegetables, fruits, flowers and aromatic herbs.
Our international team consists of 30 employees working in the areas of agriculture, seed improvement, seed propagation, training, processing, packaging, sales, marketing and administration.
We operate in our 25 hectare field, which is currently being converted to Demeter, in addition to the external multiplier fields. The locations for seed cultivation are carefully selected to ensure the best climate and soil conditions for propagation.
We also work with municipalities, universities and other institutions by propagating traditional seeds and reintroducing them to the market and agriculture after revitalization.
The focus of Sementes Vivas is on the production of seeds for the Mediterranean climate zone as well as the propagation of some specialty varieties for organic seed companies in Northern Europe.
We offer a large selection of modern and traditional varieties in proven quality for professional breeders and hobby gardeners.
Seeds are the essence of life. This public support preserves the production of traditional Portuguese organic seeds. Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that at the beginning of 2018, Idanha-a-Nova became the first bioregion on the Iberian Peninsula.
2018 was also the year of expansion of our activities on the Iberian Peninsula towards Spain. Since Sementes Vivas was founded, our research and development work and seed improvement development have contributed to the promotion of the organic seed sector. These efforts are carried out in collaboration with INIAV, ESAC and various partners.
European research as part of the EU project LIVESEED.
Improving organic seeds is an important task. Adapting to local conditions and current climate change, we are pleased to offer farmers and home gardeners improved varieties for producing better flavor, disease resistance, water stress tolerance and productivity.


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