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Sour cherry liqueur with chocolate cup / Mariquinhas / Ginja de Óbitos com copo de chocolate, 500ml

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Here with the chocolate cups from which you drink the sour cherry liqueur and which are also eaten.
Mariquinhas Sour Cherry Liqueur is a liqueur with family tradition and strong influences from the region in which it is produced.

It is a 100% natural liqueur without colorings or preservatives, with a clear, ruby ​​red color, sour freshness, liqueur-like consistency and with the intense taste of sour cherries.
Made exclusively with fruit from their cherry orchards, certified as Protected Geographical Indication, it is an internationally awarded 100% Portuguese liqueur.
The "Mariquinhas" brand is inspired by Fado and features in its branding various traditional Portuguese elements such as filigree and embroidery, conveying the true Portuguese culture through its image.
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🧊 Storage:
Cool, dry and dark.
🍷 Alcohol content:


📦 Packaging:

Glass bottle with chocolate cups in gift packaging.

💡 Tip

Licóbidos is a family business that has inherited a testimony of more than 60 years of tradition from its mentor and founder Abílio Ferreira de Carvalho. They are committed to maintaining the quality and tradition that has always distinguished them.
As the owner of around 22,000 Ginjeiras, cherry trees, you guarantee their self-sufficiency and maintain high quality standards.