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Unser Quinta-Team der Orangenfarm und vom Quinta-Shopping.eu

Our Quinta team from the orange farm and Quinta-Shopping.eu

Our employees are trained specialists who also complete annual training courses for further training.
Most of our employees have been with us for many years and are part of the company family.
Our employees are responsible for picking and sub-packaging our diverse product range. Our employees harvest the fruits from Quinta cultivation and pack everything into the shipping boxes.
In autumn/winter, the main season, this is the primary work.
In spring/summer the trees are cut, weeds are mown, new plantings are created and planted.
Irrigation is also a complex project.

Modern machines make what can sometimes be physically difficult work easier for us.
With over 100 types of fruit and vegetables that we grow ourselves, we always have enough to do all year round.
This is how we create social stability for our employees.