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Port wine White / Velhotes / Vinho do porto branco, 750ml

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Port wine Calem Velhotes white, Tawny DOC, barrique: oak barrels.
This port is the result of carefully selected wines from the best harvests and storage in oak barrels. A Tawny Port in a clear, straw yellow color. Enjoy as an aperitif, with cheese, coffee or desserts. Ideally complements the taste of dried fruits and nuts.
Overall: an intense aroma of tropical fruits. Soft, fruity and elegant on the palate.
Grape varieties: Tinta Cao, Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca.
Flavor type. lovely.

Growing area: Douro Valley.

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🧊 Storage:
Cool, dry and dark.
🍷 Alcohol content:

20 VOL%

🤧 Allergens

Contains sulfites and sulfur dioxide.

📦 Packaging:

Glass bottle.

💡 Tip

Antonio Alves Cálem founded this winery in 1859. Cálem remained a purely family business for four generations. During this time, Cálem became a world-famous and renowned house for port wines through successful business, outstanding quality and reliability. For over 140 years there has been a strong connection between Cálem, the city of O'Porto and the Douro Valley. House Cálem sits above the Douro River in beautifully landscaped vineyards, while the cellars for storage are right on the riverbank in Villa Nova de Gaia. Port has a long history and high tradition! The wine culture on the Douro goes back to ancient times. The Douro region is considered the oldest legally demarcated wine-growing region in the world. Wine production was developed during the Roman occupation after Portugal was founded in 1143.