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Olive oil, Extra Virgin / Santa Catarina / Azeite, extra virgin, 5 liters

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Santa Catarina olive oil from the Algarve in a 5 liter canister.

Lagar Santa Catarina is a very special olive oil, traditional and yet highly modern. A mild olive oil with a fruity, slightly spicy note. From olives of the Maçanilha-Algarvia and Galega varieties.
The Santa Catarina Oil Mill is a small family business founded in 1913 by Manuel Belchior Pereira. It is located in the village of Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo, in the municipality of the county of Tavira.
The business is continued today by his nephew, Alberto SP Rocha.

Acid content max. 0.4%

Production: mechanically cold pressed.

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