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About us

Quinta cultivation, fruit cultivation with heart

The mineral-rich clay soils and our unique geographical location, in an area without any heavy industry, guarantee you one of the best qualities in Europe. Low acidity due to the high degree of ripeness and therefore above-average taste make our fruits so popular.
The fruits are not preserved and the peel is untreated. Depending on the variety, our citrus fruits ripen on the tree for up to one and a half years.
Our Quinta cultivation: natural, but not to present you with any “seal”. For us, it is about “health” and primarily about yours and ours, but also about that of the piece of “earth” that has been entrusted to us.
We still do a lot of manual work to care for the Quinta, we fertilize with expensive organic fertilizers, we reduce pest infestation with biologically useful products and reduce pest insects with wine and vinegar traps.
In order to give birds and other beneficial insects a home, we have planted several thousand trees that are native to this region but do not produce fruit. Some bee colonies enjoy this diversity and support us in this work.
We are therefore explicitly committed to actively preserving this habitat.

Sustainable irrigation system:
Our Quinta is located on the Arade, a river that is now dammed and transports rainwater into the Arade reservoir.
We are supplied directly with this collected rainwater.
The Moors, who ruled the Algarve until 1242, constructed irrigation systems to use the fertile soil of the Arade Valley for orange cultivation. We do not have any deep wells, so the groundwater level is maintained.

Since arriving here at our Quinta, we have left approximately 5 hectares (50 thousand square meters) of land for nature and wildlife without any profitable crops.

Respect for our Mother Earth should be viewed as a commitment undertaken with love and gratitude.

How nice if we all get something out of it.