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Storing whole nuts and almonds

Proper storage of nuts is of great importance to preserve freshness, taste and their quality. That's why appropriate storage is so important .

Preserve freshness: Correct storage allows untreated, unpeeled nuts and whole nuts with skin to be stored well. It is important to store them in a cool, ventilated and dry place to prevent spoilage. This ensures that the nuts retain their natural flavor and nutrients.

Protection from moisture: Moisture can cause nuts to spoil quickly. Almonds and nuts are particularly susceptible to mold growth. Therefore, you should ensure that an appropriate container and storage location is used for storage. (The transport packaging is not suitable for longer storage.)

Avoiding foreign smells: Nuts have a tendency to absorb foreign smells. To preserve the natural flavor of the nuts, they should be kept away from strong-smelling foods or chemicals.

Regular Check: It is advisable to check the nuts and almonds regularly for signs of spoilage.