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Olive Oil Virgin Extra, Special Edition / Gallo / Azeite Virgin Extra, Special Edition, 500ml

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This olive oil comes from the selection of olives with different profiles throughout the harvest period. Balanced in taste and aroma, it is now also available in a handy can with a different design.
Different motifs are sent, depending on what is currently available.
The content is the same.

Acid content max. 0.7%

Production: mechanically cold pressed.

🌍 Origin


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🚚 Delivery

Delivery from March 13th, 2024 +/- 1-2 working days for Germany.

Delivery on the delivery date shown for neighboring EU countries in the delivery; usually + 1- 6 working days.

🧊 Storage:
Cool, dry and dark.
📦 Packaging:

Scope of delivery: 1 can of 500 ml with different designs.

💡 Tip

The Gallo olive oil brand was founded and registered as a trademark in 1919 by Victor Guedes.
To this day, an innovative company with a lot of know-how and the will to achieve something special.
For the individual types of olive oil, olives are selected from over 400 different olive tree species and put together with a lot of experience, similar to the master blend.
This results in a distinctive taste for each variety.
Olive oils from Gallo have been constantly receiving awards for years.

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